Hello everyone, in this post i wanted to share a few recipe’s that your kiddos can join in on! I think it’s always a great idea to get your kids involved in the Easter holiday. It is important to teach them of the Biblical version of Easter. Let them know that Jesus died for there sins and rose again! Easter is a Christian holiday and should be told as so. That’s where my beliefs stand.

So without further ado.. Let’s talk about our recipes.

#1) Soft and Chewy Cookies

cookies sugar

Cooking soft sugar cookies are any kids favorite these can be easily created by following any sugar recipe you may have in your home. Cook these in batches of 12-24 cookies so there are plenty to go around!

#2) Yummy Yellow Cupcakes

You can easily get the kids involved with cupcakes! Help them mix the flour put it into the oven, and of course add the sprinkles and frosting to ad the perfect touch. The Yellow cupcake has such a sweet taste that all will fall in love with.

#3 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How could our list not include chocolate covered strawberries? These are an all-time favorite for me and my family.  I remember making these as a young girl with my grams and mother. It would be great for you to start this tradition with your young ones!

#4 Jello Shapes 

Something quick, easy and fun is Jello! All you need is some jello mix and some metal cut out shapes of some bunnies and easter eggs. Your kids will love doing this and they will love to choose between the shapes.

#5 Rice Krispy Treats

My most favorite easter treat! There is nothing better in my opinion, like the jello you and the kids can create the rice krispy’s in the shapes you prefer! You kids will love making these with you and yell, “I want more”

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