5 Easter Cooking Idea’s For Kids!

Hello everyone, in this post i wanted to share a few recipe’s that your kiddos can join in on! I think it’s always a great idea to get your kids involved in the Easter holiday. It is important to teach them of the Biblical version of Easter. Let them know that Jesus died for there sins and rose again! Easter is a Christian holiday and should be told as so. That’s where my beliefs stand.

So without further ado.. Let’s talk about our recipes.

#1) Soft and Chewy Cookies

cookies sugar

Cooking soft sugar cookies are any kids favorite these can be easily created by following any sugar recipe you may have in your home. Cook these in batches of 12-24 cookies so there are plenty to go around!

#2) Yummy Yellow Cupcakes

You can easily get the kids involved with cupcakes! Help them mix the flour put it into the oven, and of course add the sprinkles and frosting to ad the perfect touch. The Yellow cupcake has such a sweet taste that all will fall in love with.

#3 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How could our list not include chocolate covered strawberries? These are an all-time favorite for me and my family.  I remember making these as a young girl with my grams and mother. It would be great for you to start this tradition with your young ones!

#4 Jello Shapes 

Something quick, easy and fun is Jello! All you need is some jello mix and some metal cut out shapes of some bunnies and easter eggs. Your kids will love doing this and they will love to choose between the shapes.

#5 Rice Krispy Treats

My most favorite easter treat! There is nothing better in my opinion, like the jello you and the kids can create the rice krispy’s in the shapes you prefer! You kids will love making these with you and yell, “I want more”

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Cooking Lighting (Window Tint)

Hey guys,

It’s Maria here! I wanted to dedicate this post to lighting related to inside your kitchen area. If you live in a home with a well lit kitchen from outdoor light it might be helpful to have your home windows tinted.

9618170856_31c9969f31_oI’ve found this out by surveying over 100 people in Seattle who cook during daylight hours at their home.

A great company i can recommend is Window Tinting Seattle Washington they have a quick, reliable service with a 10 year guarantee on all their tint film. If you do consider getting this done in your kitchen you can call them to get a FREE quote!

Here’s a very informative video on how window tint is put on, it’s a really cool process!

To continue, if you are getting sun into home kitchen it can be very distracting and cause headaches from looking directly into the sunlight. It has also been proven to cause accidents in the kitchen. For example, a gal that was cooking stew in her oven was pulling her pot out of the oven and when she was pulling it out the sunlight distracted her and she dropped the stew right on her feet. It not only caused 2nd degree burns on her legs but it also ruined her carpet flooring.

This is why i wanted to make this post to save anyone out there some trouble. If you have too much sunlight in your kitchen get some window tint! It will pay itself off for you in the long run. Trust me!

If you have any questions leave a comment below or get ahold of me on my contact page. I’d love to help you with any questions or concerns.

More great posts will be on the way soon, i have not forgot about putting together my cooking guide so stay tuned for that coming soon!

This is Maria signing off with another blog post.

Dinner Choices In Wenatchee

Hey everyone! I was in a town called Wenatchee just the other day and while i was there, our group that i came with got hungry so we decided to look for a place to eat out.. I decided to search online and found a great guide called Eat Wenatchee It was such a great resource and i decided to try one of the top rated Chinese places.

It happened to be just a few miles from where i was staying so i was excited to try a new place.  When we got there the place smelled great. As a professional cook, i know that a place can be great just by the smell. We sat down with a table of 12 and had ordered a top rated wine. It was fantastic! We then ordered and had our food while catching up on old times. It’s so nice seeing old friends and hearing all the stories of what people are up to.

Overall, it was a great night and a great place to go out and catch a bite to eat. I can’t wait to go out again soon and have a similar experience with all my friends.

Fast forward to day 2.. Going back to that website dining guide i found a pizza spot across town that looked delicious. Long story short, it was fantastic! Another great place to eat, the crust on that pizza was to die for.

I can’t wait to get to the mini-course, once i get home i’ll whip out the camera and start cooking up the best food for you to recreate in your own home for your own family.

That’s it for now, oh ya almost forgot to post a video of a similar dining experience i had with going out the first night to Chinese food, ill post the video above!


New Home, New Kitchen

Hey,  i’m SUPER exited to to make this post because after 5 long years of having an outdated kitchen i had a Kitchen remodeling expert come and evaluate and create a brand new  kitchen design for my home!

After a lot of consideration i decided to work with a great, great company based out of Wenatchee, Washington. I’ve heard from friends that contractors in that area do a phenomenal job on custom homes and homes in general. For my needs i needed a new kitchen and E.D.Y. Construction was going to be the best option for me.


Kitchen Design by EDY Construction

The photo above is the kitchen design i have.. It feels so great to have a space to do all my cooking and recipe creation now! This has inspired me so much to advance my career and help all of you with great tips and tricks more regularly. I hope that everyone is relating and learning a lot from these experiences we share on this blog. It is my mission to bring a fun way to learn and grow together online. So i hope your loving what i’m putting together here. If you have ANY suggestions or feedback please message me or reach out to me on social media. Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter is a great place to get ahold of me!

Coming up on we will have a 5 day baking course where you will learn everything you need to know about baking healthy snacks for you and your family. This course was rated and ranked #1 by a variety of renowned bakery professionals. I can’t wait to share with you all and i know that it will be something that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Alright everyone, that will conclude this post have a great weekend and you’ll hear from me sooner than later!

Nose Crack – Cooking accident

Hey Guys it’s Maria, here with another post, this time i’d thought i’d share an embarrassing story about the time i broke my nose doing a cooking show. This was when i was living boise and i was teaching a group of women how to bake a chocolate cake with a special frosting i created.

Anyway’s i was doing a great job getting the crowd engaged in my method of baking i was getting all my ingredients together when all of a sudden i tripped over some water that was spilt on the floor and i fell face first into the corner of a cupboard. I felt a pain right away in my nose. As it started to bleed i knew it was bad, i was immediately taken to the ER as it was extremely painful and started to swell up.

That’s when i found out that there was a crack in my upper nose that could only be corrected by surgery, that’s when i met with a doctor from a Rhinoplasty practice that told me he could correct my nose in about a 5-10 minute surgical procedure. I chose to advance with him right away so i could begin my healing process and get back to doing what i LOVE cooking.

Here is a video that shows what i had to go through to get my nose corrected, here you go: ( warning images may be disturbing to some viewers)

Well, that’s all i wanted to share in this post, my most embarrassing moment in my career. I learn to smile through this and to be reminded to be careful in all situations.

I now know to watch for water or anything slippery while doing my cooking.

Talk to you all later.. Be sure to check back for my next post. It will be great !

The Recipe Specialist

Welcome to my site! This is my Very First post! I’m exited about doing something new in my career, so just want to give a little background on myself.

My name is Maria Parker born and raised in the US and have grown up with a distinct love for cooking and creating my own tasty foods. I started this website on my own to get my love and passion out for more people to see it. I really hope this takes off and i can express my love for this with other like-minded people.

I promise that you WILL learn great things from me here, i never hold anything back and my instructions will guide you to be able to bake great things on your own. I am simply a teacher that loves to help people out.

There’s 100 things on my mind, but i just want to keep things simple and let you know that i should have a series of recipes ready to give to the world, just stay plugged into what i’m doing and you’ll get great advice.

You can also find me by searching my name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, im very social and chatty so hit me up with a message over there to connect with me!

Aright i’ll end this post here, i’m very excited to be starting my own website and having control of reaching hundreds of people that want to hear from me.

Okay guys, bye!

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