Hey guys,

It’s Maria here! I wanted to dedicate this post to lighting related to inside your kitchen area. If you live in a home with a well lit kitchen from outdoor light it might be helpful to have your home windows tinted.

9618170856_31c9969f31_oI’ve found this out by surveying over 100 people in Seattle who cook during daylight hours at their home.

A great company i can recommend is Window Tinting Seattle Washington they have a quick, reliable service with a 10 year guarantee on all their tint film. If you do consider getting this done in your kitchen you can call them to get a FREE quote!

Here’s a very informative video on how window tint is put on, it’s a really cool process!

To continue, if you are getting sun into home kitchen it can be very distracting and cause headaches from looking directly into the sunlight. It has also been proven to cause accidents in the kitchen. For example, a gal that was cooking stew in her oven was pulling her pot out of the oven and when she was pulling it out the sunlight distracted her and she dropped the stew right on her feet. It not only caused 2nd degree burns on her legs but it also ruined her carpet flooring.

This is why i wanted to make this post to save anyone out there some trouble. If you have too much sunlight in your kitchen get some window tint! It will pay itself off for you in the long run. Trust me!

If you have any questions leave a comment below or get ahold of me on my contact page. I’d love to help you with any questions or concerns.

More great posts will be on the way soon, i have not forgot about putting together my cooking guide so stay tuned for that coming soon!

This is Maria signing off with another blog post.