Hey everyone! I was in a town called Wenatchee just the other day and while i was there, our group that i came with got hungry so we decided to look for a place to eat out.. I decided to search online and found a great guide called Eat Wenatchee It was such a great resource and i decided to try one of the top rated Chinese places.

It happened to be just a few miles from where i was staying so i was excited to try a new place.  When we got there the place smelled great. As a professional cook, i know that a place can be great just by the smell. We sat down with a table of 12 and had ordered a top rated wine. It was fantastic! We then ordered and had our food while catching up on old times. It’s so nice seeing old friends and hearing all the stories of what people are up to.

Overall, it was a great night and a great place to go out and catch a bite to eat. I can’t wait to go out again soon and have a similar experience with all my friends.

Fast forward to day 2.. Going back to that website dining guide i found a pizza spot across town that looked delicious. Long story short, it was fantastic! Another great place to eat, the crust on that pizza was to die for.

I can’t wait to get to the mini-course, once i get home i’ll whip out the camera and start cooking up the best food for you to recreate in your own home for your own family.

That’s it for now, oh ya almost forgot to post a video of a similar dining experience i had with going out the first night to Chinese food, ill post the video above!