Hey Guys it’s Maria, here with another post, this time i’d thought i’d share an embarrassing story about the time i broke my nose doing a cooking show. This was when i was living boise and i was teaching a group of women how to bake a chocolate cake with a special frosting i created.

Anyway’s i was doing a great job getting the crowd engaged in my method of baking i was getting all my ingredients together when all of a sudden i tripped over some water that was spilt on the floor and i fell face first into the corner of a cupboard. I felt a pain right away in my nose. As it started to bleed i knew it was bad, i was immediately taken to the ER as it was extremely painful and started to swell up.

That’s when i found out that there was a crack in my upper nose that could only be corrected by surgery, that’s when i met with a doctor from a Rhinoplasty practice┬áthat told me he could correct my nose in about a 5-10 minute surgical procedure. I chose to advance with him right away so i could begin my healing process and get back to doing what i LOVE cooking.

Here is a video that shows what i had to go through to get my nose corrected, here you go: ( warning images may be disturbing to some viewers)

Well, that’s all i wanted to share in this post, my most embarrassing moment in my career. I learn to smile through this and to be reminded to be careful in all situations.

I now know to watch for water or anything slippery while doing my cooking.

Talk to you all later.. Be sure to check back for my next post. It will be great !